How to Choose the Best Forex Trading Strategies: Advice for make profits

March 5, 2021
Forex Trading Strategies

There are many forex trading strategies that forex traders can use, including technical analysis or fundamental analysis.

One of the most important things to consider when trading forex is to maintain a consistent style and system. This is what can be defined as a trading strategy and is an essential aspect of trading. It is not enough to know many of the best trading strategies, to learn a very powerful strategy, and to read a lot about explaining the most powerful trading strategies while you are not committed to a specific strategy while trading. You must be confident that you are using one of the most successful and reliable forex trading strategies! This confidence will make it easier to follow the rules of your strategy, thus maintaining your discipline! Of course, the result will be a success in your trades, increased profits and more experience.

What Is Forex Trading And How Does It Work? Make profit: Beginner Advice

What is behind the explanation of the most powerful trading strategies, and what should be known?

Often times when people talk about forex strategies, they are talking about a specific trading method! Which is usually just one side of a complete trading plan! It is not important that you just read and understand the explanation of the most powerful trading strategies without realizing the true meaning behind them and how to apply them professionally! For this, you should consider some important points that the trading strategy may not offer you directly! A structured forex trading strategy provides useful entry signals, but it is also essential to keep the following in mind:

  • Risk Management.
  • Scaled position.
  • How to exit the deal.

When it comes to explaining the best and most profitable forex trading strategies, there is no single definite answer! Here’s why: The best forex trading strategies should be appropriate and customized for the individual trader! This means that you need to think about your personality and come up with the best Forex strategy for you! What might work very well for someone else could be a disaster for you! Conversely, a strategy disapproved by others might work for you! Therefore, experimentation may be required in order to discover the forex trading strategies that work well in your situation! So you can exclude those strategies that don’t work optimally for you.

Explanation of the most powerful trading strategies that work

One of the main aspects to consider is the timeframe of your trading method! There are several types of trading patterns (shown below) from short to long time frames, and they have been used extensively over the past years! It is still a popular option on the list of best forex trading strategies in 2021! As forex traders, always stay aware of different patterns and strategies in their search for how to trade Forex successfully! So that they can choose the appropriate method based on the current market conditions.

Most powerful scalping strategies

Scalping Strategies – These are very short-term trades and may only hold for a few minutes! Users of this strategy seek to quickly overcome the bid / ask spread and reduce profit points before closing! This strategy usually uses hashtag charts, such as the one that can be found in the MetaTrader 4 platform! This trading platform also provides some of the best forex trading indicators! In addition, a 1-minute forex trading strategy can be considered a clear example of a scalping trading method.

Explanation of the Strongest Day-to-Day Trading Strategies | A successful trading strategy

Day Trading – These are the trades that expire before the end of the day, as the name suggests! This avoids the possibility of you being negatively affected by big moves overnight! Day trading strategies are usually the best forex trading strategies for beginners! Trades may only last a few hours, and price bars are usually set on charts for a minute or two! A daily 50 pip forex trading strategy is a good example of a day trading strategy.

Swing trading strategy

Swing trades are positions that are held for multiple days, as traders aim to take advantage of short-term price patterns! A swing trader might usually look at the charts every half hour or hour.

Position Trading Strategies (Long Breath Strategy)

Trading positions means following the trend in the long term! And the pursuit of maximum profits from major price shifts! The position traders usually look at the charts at the end of the day! The best position trading strategies require enormous patience and discipline on the part of traders, as well as a great deal of knowledge regarding market fundamentals.

Now that we got to know the most popular types of forex trading strategies and provided an explanation of the most powerful trading strategies, by opening a demo account, you can experiment and practically apply these strategies while trading!

Trading strategy «30 pips a day»

The “30 pips a day” trading strategy is used for high volatility currency pairs, such as the GBP / JPY. This is because this approach requires a wide margin of maneuver during trading in order to achieve the desired profits. Also, high volatility pairs usually allow for clearer reversal points. The time frame used in this strategy is 5 minutes.

Indicators used

  • 10-period exponential moving average
  • A 26-period exponential moving average

Below we walk you through how to find a moving average in MetaTrader and how to set the exponential pattern from it.

Basic principle

Exponential moving averages crossovers are used to define a trend.

If the 10-period exponential moving average breaks through its 26-period counterpart and continues to rise, it is a sign that the trend is up.

If the 10-period exponential moving average breaks through its 26-period counterpart and continues to decline, this indicates that there is pressure on the price to the downside.

Opening and closing trades

  • The first step

Wait for the 10-period exponential moving average to break through to its 26-period counterpart. This helps you plan to open the trade. The direction of this breakout also enables you to determine the direction of the opening, as we will explain to you in the scenarios below.

  • The second step

Wait for price to move in the direction observed via the exponential moving averages as a kind of confirmation of market direction.

  • The third step

Wait for a spot correction against the direction of the observed trend. A trade should be opened at the high/low of this correction. The idea here is to hold the range within which the price will move after exiting the correction and returning to move in the direction of the trend.

Here are some examples below.


  • Short term deal

On the M5 chart of the GBP / JPY, we have seen a downtrend. We also noted that the 10-period exponential moving average broke through its 26-period counterpart from top to bottom and continued to decline. Therefore, we decided to sell on a downtrend; however, we are not selling directly, but rather we wait for the price to move upwards within a correction until it reaches half the distance (at least) between the two exponential averages. Here we open a sell position. A stop-loss order should be placed about 15-20 pips above the sell level, and a profit taken at 30-40 pips.

  • Long term deal

The same logic applies to a bull market. On the GBP / JPY M5 chart, we see an uptrend. We also noticed that the 10-period exponential moving average broke through its 26-period counterpart from the bottom to the top and continued to rise. Therefore, we decided to buy on an uptrend. However, we are not buying directly but rather waiting for the price to move downwards within a correction until it reaches half the distance (at least) between the two exponential averages. Here we open a buy position. Note: In this example, the price has not only moved towards the middle of the distance between the two exponential moving averages, but it has decreased further, which is also acceptable. The idea here is to confirm that the correction is large enough to achieve the largest gains before the take profit is triggered. A stop-loss order should be placed about 15-20 points below the buy level, and a profit-taking is at a level of 30-40 points.

What is the easiest forex strategy?

Like we said in the introduction is that it is better to follow simple strategies because they are more effective and do not depend on strategies Which includes many technical indicators so that your thoughts are not distracted while you perform the technical analysis process for currencies, so we chose for you to explain the easiest strategy you can find based on the general trend of currency pairs only.

Firstly, the general trend or trend in the forex market is defined as the direction of movement of currency pairs over a long period of time because the price movement usually takes one of the following directions:

  • The upward trend: the direction of movement of the price of the currency pair tends to move up.
  • Downward trend: the direction of movement of the price of the currency pair tends to move downward.
  • Sideways: the price movement of the currency pair tends to move horizontally.

Dividing the chart plays an important role in determining the general trend

These three trends can be determined by dividing the chart into specific periods and then seeing the prevailing trend. For example, we open the chart of the euro currency pair against the US dollar, then place the four-hour frame and divide the chart from the current period to the limits of the past 14 days, and then note the direction of the pair’s price movement during the 14-day period. If the price is up, we say that the general trend is up. And if the price went down, we say that the general trend is down, and if it is oscillating, we say that the general trend is symptomatic.

Now, after knowing the general direction of the currency pairs, we are drawing the trend, and we will explain how to draw the trend in the upward and downward directions because the trend cannot be drawn in the sideways direction.

  • Drawing the trend on the upside: When the upward trend, we draw the trend below the price movement, where we use two or more points, provided that these points are on the upside, and then we draw the trend line.
  • Draw the trend on the downside: Upon the downside, we draw the trend above the price movement, where we use two or more points on the condition that these points are on the peaks, then draw the trend line.

The function of the trend is to respond to the price in the direction of the trend when the price touches the trend, and the strength of the trend in the price response increases the more the number of points on which the trend itself is based.

How do you get 100 pips in a day in Forex?

Each trader independently chooses the preferred trading style. Some are day traders satisfied with an infinite number of trades with a small profit, others are ready to wait for a good signal for days and spend the same amount of time waiting for an order to be closed with a positive result. The best option is daily trading, in which only 1 order is opened and brings tangible profits. These trading systems include the Forex “100 pips per day” strategy. Let’s consider it in more detail.

Forex strategy “100 pips a day” – description and rules

The trading system, which brings up to 100 points of profit per day, can be used on any currency pair, except for exotic ones. Its essence lies in the breakout of the Asian session and the continuation of the movement towards the momentum. The best strategy is recommended by the broker Forex4you and RoboForex on the M15 timeframe.

Before you start trading, you need to install any of the indicators of trading sessions on the working chart of the currency pair you have chosen. We will use the i-Sessions tool, which you can download from the link. This is optional, but it makes the price chart easier to visualize and helps to quickly determine the advisability of entering the market and the presence of a signal.

After installing the indicator on the trading chart, you need to change its standard settings, namely, remove the color highlighting of the American and European sessions from the visible area. To do this, in the corresponding lines of settings, simply select the color None. After the performed manipulations, you will have yellow rectangles on your screen, the horizontal borders of which are the maximum and minimum prices that existed in the market during the Asian session.

It is also possible to draw the boundaries of the Asian session by hand, but it is tedious to do so day after day moreover if you plan to analyze the situation on several financial instruments in order to choose the most promising one.

Basically, signals on the trading system are present once a day, but there are exceptions when it is better to refrain from trading according to the Forex strategy “100 points a day”. To do this, you need to calculate the average range of the Asian session for the previous 1-3 months. This can be done by uploading the report with prices to the Excel table or manually.

Let’s assume that the average corridor is 60-70 points. If the currency pair at the time of the signal exceeded the specified range, you should not open orders. It is quite possible that it has already exhausted the daily movement limit, and open trade will not bring the expected profit.

Market entry

You need to enter the market with a pending order after the last candlestick of the American session closes. To do this, they must be set at a distance of 5 points from the upper and lower borders of the corridor. After breaking through one of the levels, the second border acts as a stop loss, and a pending order that has not been triggered is deleted.

The setting of the take profit depends on the preferences of the trader. In a breakout Forex strategy, 100 points per trade cannot always be obtained, but only at moments of strong trend movement, so some players prefer to limit themselves to small income in order to avoid losses. There are two ways to take profit.

The first, which is also the simplest, consists in setting a take profit at the level of 100 points from the point of opening a trade. In this case, the order must be transferred to breakeven when the price reaches the level at which the operation will be closed for the second method of setting take profit. To implement it, you need to use the Fibonacci lines.

If a sell order is open, then the zero level and the 50% level must correspond to the upper and lower boundaries of the range, which is the Asian session. You can close a short position when it reaches the 100% level for conservatives, or wait until the price goes down to the 161.8% level, moving the order to breakeven at the previous level.

It is necessary to trade according to the Forex strategy “100 pips a day” according to strictly defined rules. It is strictly forbidden to transfer stop and profit levels. Until the previous deal is closed, it is also not worth opening a new one, even if there is a signal. Due to the fact that the market is not always volatile, on some day’s orders may be open for more than one day. Let’s consider an example of entering a short position using an example.

The figure above shows an example of a transaction to sell the euro-dollar currency pair. Despite the fact that the order was already close to closing by stop loss, the price reversed at the last moment. Both targets were taken – at the 100% Fibonacci level, and at the 161.8% level, which approximately corresponds to 100 points from the point of opening the trade. In the future, the 161.8% line acted as a resistance level for the price and the upper border of the new price corridor formed by the Asian session.

If you look at the next trading day, you will notice that the Forex “100 pips a day” strategy also brought in an estimated profit of 100 pips. However, this is not surprising, because the financial instrument in these two days, shown in the example, was in a persistent downtrend.

Alternatively, horizontal support and resistance levels can be used to close positions. So, if your order is in profit, but the price is trading near a strong level, unsuccessfully trying to break through it, it is better to close the deal with the result that is at the moment. Otherwise, a small profit can turn into an unpleasant loss.

The strategy for the breakout of the Asian session is designed for the trending market and makes a profit if there is at least some trend. That is why it is advisable to include one more indicator of trend determination in the system or to do it manually using a graphical or other methods. With this approach, the profitability of a trading system can be increased by 30%.

Is 20 pips a day possible?

The scalping Forex trading system “20 pips per day” is based on the use of the SMA (Simple Moving Average) and the Momentum oscillator, which are included in the standard set of the Metatrader 4 trading terminal. As the name suggests, our profit will be 20 pips per day (or more, it all depends on the volatility of the currency pair and the set take profit).

First, let’s look at the Forex Economic News Calendar:

  • If important economic news is not expected today – we start working from 12.30 GMT (15.30
  • If the market is expecting news, it is better to wait for their release, and immediately after that or after waiting a little, look for entry points to the position.
  • Having decided on the time, we open the chart of the currency pair (M30 interval). Any pair is suitable for us, but it is better to opt for GBPUSD, USDCAD or any other highly volatile pair.
  • Plot SMA (moving average, Simple, period – 20) and Momentum (MomPeriod 5, level 100) on the chart – both the average and the oscillator are in Metatrader 4.

The broker for trading is Alpari, RoboForex, Forex4You.

Opening a long position:

when the current candlestick closed and stayed above SMA 20 and the Momentum Oscillator rallied above the 100 level.

Opening a short position:

when the current candlestick closed and stayed below SMA 20 and the Momentum Oscillator dropped below 100.

In other words, the previous candle crossed SMA 20, and the current one does not touch the moving average but is above/below it.

Immediately after opening a position, set Take profit – at least 20 points or more with trailing. You can use Trailing stop at minimum values ​​(15-20); thus, when moving 15 points in our direction, Stop Loss will move to breakeven and then to plus.

Stop Loss can be placed:

  • 1.20 pips when opening a position
  • 2.below SMA 20 for a long position (above – for a short position)
  • at the high of the previous candle that crossed the SMA 20 for a long position (at the low for a short).

If, having opened a position, we see a price reversal and a movement to SMA 20 with the crossing of the moving average – the deal must be closed.

It is possible to use the Forex scalping strategy “20 pips a day” on other time intervals, but you need to choose a time of good volatility. It is preferable to trade in the American session, but if you wish, you can find entry points during the European one.

For those who like to experiment, good results were obtained:

  • 1.when setting Momentum (MomPeriod 14, level 100) – 80% of trades are profitable
  • 2.with the additional use of Stochastic
  • When the moving average (MA) is imposed on the Momentum, the period is 50. In the Momentum itself, we do not set the level 100, instead we use the MA 50.

How much are 50 pips worth Forex?

Do you always hear the leaders of the forex market utter a term called pip? You have certainly heard this before, and you want to know what it is and what it refers to, and during your journey to learn Forex and how to trade, you should know what a pip is due to the importance that this term represents During your trades.

What is a Pip in Forex?

A pip, or pip, is a unit of measurement for price action trading, to find out how much movement a particular pair has made.

To simplify more, you can understand the meaning of a point from the following example:


  • The distance measurement unit is (meters).
  • The unit of measurement for weight is (kilo).
  • The unit of measurement for price action is the pip.

A point (pip) is singular and combined with points or pips, and when we want to say that the price moved, we say, for example, that the pair or price moved, for example 50 pips or 50 pip.

How to calculate a pip in Forex

A point in the forex market can be calculated mathematically as $ 0.0001, meaning that every 1000pip is equal to $ 1, and in the same way, a point is equal to 1/100 of a cent, meaning that every 100 points equals 1 cent.


  • The Euro / Dollar rose from 1.2000 to 1.2010.

It went up by 10 pips or 10pips.

  • The euro rose from the price of 1.2000 to the price of 1.2100.

It went by 100 pips or 100pips.

  • The pound dollar pair fell from 1.6050 to 1.600.

It went down by 50 pips or 50pips.

As with the previous examples, you can calculate the amount of pips on any currency pair in Forex.

How can I double my money in Forex?

We will see how the FOREX market is a market that can be extremely lucrative over very short periods of time. To do this, you need to be smart and use strategies to optimize your earnings.

Basically, the Forex market is like the stock market. But instead of manipulating stock values, we are going to manipulate the value of one currency against another, such as the euro, dollars, or pound sterling.

Another difference with the stock market, we can speculate on the Forex market on the DROP as well as on the RISE. That is, you can place buy or sell orders at any time.

Let us take a concrete example. Now let’s say the euro against the dollar (called EUR USD in jargon) is 1.30. This means that 1 euro equals 1 dollar and 30 cents.

A few days later the price changed and is now worth 1.40.

If you opened a buy order when the price was at 1.30 and closed your position when it was 1.40, then you made a profit from the difference of the two.

On the other hand, if you bought when price was high, and sold when price was low, well then you would have lost the difference of the two.

If you manipulate currencies without a strategy you will (in the long run) win half of the time, and lose half of the time. Overall, there would be no point.

Methods to double money in Forex

On the other hand, if you learn the ropes of Forex and you are able to detect if the price of a currency pair is more likely to go up or down, then you will be able to open and close positions, long or short. Sales assistants, at the appropriate times. You will then be able to generate substantial profits and grow your capital, and therefore earn Forex.

What are the 4 investment strategies?

There are many trading strategies in the currency market that help the trader to profit from price movements, but before searching for the best reliable strategy in the currency market, the trader must first get acquainted with the types of trading strategies in the money markets, whether in the currency market “Forex” or in The local stock market so that he is able to choose the best strategy that suits his way of working in the money markets because every trader has a method that fits his trading system and makes him able to profit without the rest of the trading strategies.

Types of money market trading strategies

There are two main types of trading strategies in the financial markets, as well as in technical analysis schools, that can be relied upon, namely:

Reflexive strategies

Reflexive strategies are the most prevalent among traders in the financial markets, and they are those strategies that help you determine the most accurate reversal point in the market movement away from paying attention to the general trend in the market, and the most important thing that distinguishes these schools is that they help you choose the best entry points and thus you can manage your capital Very professionally as your target point and stop loss point are very clear and well defined and you have no problem dealing with it.

But what is wrong with this type of strategy is that its success rates are few in many times, especially when the market is booming and moving in one direction without any strong corrections, but this matter can be overcome by using advanced capital management systems.

Important examples of reflexive strategies The school of “supply and demand” is one of the most important examples that can be relied upon when we want to talk about reflexive schools in the financial markets, because it is the most analytical school concerned with predicting price reversal areas by monitoring high liquidity positions by studying Japanese candlesticks for the price chart that he wants Rolling to use it.There is also a school of “harmonic analysis”, which is better known as the “harmonic” school. It depends on the repetition of certain price patterns using the measurements of “Fibonacci”, in which a specific price movement occurs immediately after it, whether by falling prices level or rising prices according to the type of model, and what is characteristic of this school the number of models is limited and small, and these patterns are repeated a lot on the chart. Therefore, many opportunities can be extracted on different time frames and thus enable you to extract good opportunities at any time you want to trade it.

There are also many other special strategies in which indicators can be used quickly without studying prices well to predict areas of reversal well, but there is no doubt that the use of supply and demand schools is much stronger and more accurate than any other analytical strategies unless this strategy gives you a profit rate. Higher than the average risk in each trade, which is called “ratio”

Directional Strategies

Directional strategies are always the first choice when any trader wants to find for himself a simple and profitable trading strategy in the money markets, given that it helps the trader to walk in light of the direction of the market makers in a balanced manner and with very little risk, but the directional strategies are always late in determining Entry points, given that they need many assurances to be able to enter the trade well and with the least possible risk.

Important examples of reflexive strategies and schools

There are many schools of analysis and directional strategies that every trader can rely on in the financial markets, the most important of which is the wave analysis school and the classical school, and these schools are considered one of the strongest and most detailed schools of price movement and therefore they are one of the most accurate schools and strategies for trading in financial markets, but they need a period. A long period of understanding and application so that the trader is able to understand all the details of it.

The strategy relies on a set of simple constants that enable you to choose the best areas to enter trades with the trend when the price correction ends in any major wave.

After talking about the importance and types of technical analysis schools, the very important part that many traders are ignorant of remains the importance of using capital management in trading so that you can achieve profits in the currency and stock markets as well as financial management is the main pillar that every trader should be concerned with before to search for the most important financial market trading strategies.

Which type of trading is most profitable

Binary options trading and forex trading are two forms of investing (or speculating) in the financial markets that appear frequently on specialized blogs or websites. When thinking about investing in the financial markets and looking for how to do it as a beginner, then very often one stumbles upon articles or content on both of these topics.

Binary options

Binary options form a product that makes it possible to speculate in a very simple way on the financial markets, they offer a return on investment which generally oscillates between 65% and 85% depending on the chosen broker, the market treated and the market conditions at the time. of the trade.

Contrary to what we often imagine as a beginner, it is sometimes difficult to profit from binary options given that their risk reward ratio is less than 1. This parameter means that we are taking a risk greater than the potential profit (risk of 100% for a gain of 80% for example). In order to profit from binary options, it is therefore important to exercise enough and have a solid and proven methodology. The free downloadable e-book binary options trading strategy is an example of how to profit from binary options.

Thanks to this binary options strategy we (and any trader with the method) were able to make $ 379 profit in April 2017, see the summary of trades in the video below.

Forex trading

In forex trading, traders (whether beginners or not) are generally more likely to generate profits in the markets if they are serious about trading and therefore follow a number of rules. We are talking here about compliance with a trading plan, money management rules and the notion of risk reward ratio. In forex trading, traders are generally advised not to risk more than 1% of their capital per transaction and to have a risk reward ratio of at least 2 to 1. That is to say that if they risk $ 10 on advises them to have a takeprofit equivalent to $ 20. Thanks to this concept, even having a success rate of only 50% for example, a trader is largely a winner in the long run.

Achieving a sufficiently good success rate and a risk reward ratio greater than or equal to 2 can be an attainable goal if the knowledge acquired through trading courses or training is applied to the markets. Trading is a serious activity, traders who give themselves the means to sufficiently study the markets can manage to generate profits there, if there is not enough time to study another solution available to us: practice social trading. to generate passive income, a way of proceeding that has attracted more and more novice investors in recent years.

best forex trading app for iOS and Android: Top 5 trading apps review

How do I get 50 pips in a day in Forex?

In a difficult situation, TS allows you to steer a market player’s actions on the right track, at least avoiding losses. Acting according to the specific system chosen, it will obtain stable results. Compared to intuitive trading, which is rarely profitable when the market is going well.

But during long-term work without a system, a different set of independent factors will be taken into account. The presence of a systematic approach to analysis gives the trader much more chance of making a stable profit, helps to gain a foothold in the market.

Strategy classifications

They differ depending on the criteria selected. For example, by risk level:

  • aggressive (with a significant level of risky situations);
  • way;
  • conservative (minimal risk).

In addition, they differ according to the chronology:

  • long term (positions sometimes work for up to 2 months, more often they are aggressive strategies);
  • in the medium term (the period is reduced to two to three weeks);
  • short term (2-3 hours per day, which is the term of the “50 pips per day” strategy).

Experienced traders involve at least one vehicle in their arsenal, complying with all rules and conditions. Forex has gained great popularity due to the higher probability of profit than others. Many beginner or greedy traders set goals equal to 100 or even 300 to 500 profit points. However, such heights are inaccessible. The risk is not always justified.

“50 pips a day” is a real and easy way to generate income. So, when closing, for example, 50 deals: 5 of them will be successful and 5 will not. And “50 pips a day” is the way to a stable profit. Maybe get 1% to 10% of the income from the deposit, and that’s better than getting nothing at all.

What is the essence of the “50 pips a day” Forex strategy?

First, let’s define the basic input parameters:

  • currency – EUR / USD, the instrument is the euro / dollar pair, since the profit of this pair will be higher compared to the others, due to the minimal movement at night;
  • timeframe – recommended for entry point at M15 level, and we start trading on period H1 or more;
  • time – the European session is the most profitable and the start of the American session.
  • It should be noted that the profit comes when only ten points are reached. First, the start and end of the day are highlighted graphically, then the maximum and minimum of the previous day.

This will allow you to assess whether the conclusions of the day before are suitable for use at the level of the current dynamic.

In practice, the idea is to analyze the reaching and exceeding of the high and low points of the price. After crossing these values, a freewheel movement is possible. This is because a fairly large number of orders are lost.

The sequence of actions of a trader in trading with a strategy After the described analysis, it is necessary:

  • Place two pending orders: buy / sell.
  • It will be equal to ten Take profit points for each trade.
  • Stop Loss also does not exceed 10 points in each of the transactions.
  • After the trade is over, delete a failed order.
  • The profit was fixed.
  • The next day, this algorithm is repeated.

Pending orders are most often placed either at key levels or with a 2–5-point withdrawal. Stop Loss acts as a protection order.

However, not that simple. According to the standard strategy model, after triggering one of the orders, the other is deleted. And you can only re-expose the next day, that is, after the close of the current day and before the London Stock Exchange opens. An important condition is that the extremes were not changed during this night. Only if these conditions are met, it is possible to use this Forex strategy.

Options for the development of events after the breaking of the main significant levels:

The most desirable and favorable is the taking of 50 profit points.

The extreme value was exceeded, but the level of profitability was not reached. In this case, the trade is closed due to the triggering of the protective stop order on the corrective withdrawal. You can take a risk, re-enter the market and possibly take your 50 points if you are sure there will be a second breakout.

When the key level was crossed, Stop Loss was triggered, but the price was directed to another pending order Trading Strategies

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    Vulkan Vegas brings you a different take on the betting platforms you’ve become so accustomed to. This platform is fresh and exciting. What adds to the appeal is the riveting bonus

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    From this Vulkan Vegas casino review, it’s evident that it has a lot to offer. Ranging from the vast assortment of games with new ones constantly being added to the fantastic

    JosephLap January 3, 2022 8:55 pm Reply
  • Vulkan Vegas looks like a professional casino with a lot to offer. At first glance, the platform seems quite simple; however, they genuinely go out of their way to produce some really cool

    Vulkan Vegas brings you a different take on the betting platforms you’ve become so accustomed to. This platform is fresh and exciting. What adds to the appeal is the riveting bonus

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    From this Vulkan Vegas casino review, it’s evident that it has a lot to offer. Ranging from the vast assortment of games with new ones constantly being added to the fantastic

    JosephLap January 12, 2022 2:02 pm Reply

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