The formula for successful day trading – Join Trade360’s live webinar

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Peter Harris reveals the secrets to being a successful day trader and which
pitfalls you should look to avoid

Have you ever wondered if you can make it as a successful
day trader and what you need to make that goal become a reality?

Join trading expert and market analyst Adam Peter Harris,
for a live webinar as he takes a deep dive into the world of day trading. See
what are the biggest traps new traders fall into when day trading and how to
chart a successful course forward.

A trader’s journey can lead you down one of two paths:
the trading merry-go-round failure that is often the route new traders take, or
the path to successful trading. In this webinar, Harris will focus on why most
intraday trading strategies fail.

Sponsored by Trade360, the live webinar will take place
on October 20, 2020 at 19:00 GMT.

Do’s and Don’ts of Day Trading

Day trading is not for everyone and like any other
pursuit, can lead to success or failure. As such, understanding the proper
techniques can be a critical to long-term gains.

An additional emphasis will be paid to critical errors
that most traders make, helping steer individuals in the right direction to
make the right decisions.

If you are looking at making the pivot to day trading or
looking for some tips for your existing strategies, then this webinar is for

Learn more about Trade360’s presentation and join the
conversation by accessing the following webinar link.

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